Dear visitors and viewers

I thought there was  a little story missing from me to you so I sit at my computer in  my house here in Lyndby   (Denmark)  where I have lived since 1970 after a varied life. My mother moved here  -it is a small town-  on the largest Danish island of Zealand in 1946, where she tended the house of a butcher and  he was a good man , the family loved him. I had 6 siblings, 4 girls and 2 boys and I came to visit them often. They lived in his idyllic farmhouse.
I was trained as a carver, but the profession was dying out because modern times brought new designs in  furniture, therefore there was no more need for  carved works anymore (mind you nowadays they are worth a fortune). But I always loved sculpture and painting I was admitted at the National Art Academy in Copenhagen. Afterwards I became porcelain painter at one of the most famous factories in Copenhagen, which later merged with the Royal Copenhagen Porcelain Manufacturer.
But eventually it bored me and  with my adveturous spirit, when I got the offer to come out to sail  all around the world it struck me right away and took off the following day. It was a sudden upheaval, but an eventful time. I sold my scooter and bought a film projector and used all my spare time to get something interesting in the box. We started in France and sailed  through the Suez Canal  to Arabia where we unloaded oil and continued over the Pacific shoreline to San Diego in California and on into the Panama Canal to the Gulf island of Aruba, waterless island   but we could get oil board and then we took 12 trips between many U.S. cities in the east shore, we went  several times to the port of  Tampico in Mexico from 1957-58. Unfortunately  however I never went to Mexico's capital  but the country and its friendly people I will never forget.  I met the mexican artist Sara Hazan Levy on the internet and as we are both painters, we kept in touch over  Skype and we talk very often and exchange and discuss impressions about art in general . She has also visited me here in Lyndby  in the summer of 2010 and now she has created this very beautiful site of which I am very grateful, happy and proud. Thanks for that Sara. And  my dear visitors, many thanks for reading this part of my story.
I want to thank the people from: Mexico, Denmark, United States, United Kingdom, Russia, Norway, South Korea, Taiwan, Belgium, Turkey, France, Spain, Brazil, Germany, Costa Rica, Thailand and Canada who have visited my page.